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In 2004, Opel wanted to launch their new Opel Tigra TwinTop as the fun coupe cabrio to 25-35 year old web-savvy European consumers.

As a niche car the Opel Tigra TwinTop could not support a traditional pan European advertising campaign. However the central team decided to invest in an online launch.

They required a launch idea that would capture the spirit of the car and would generate genuine leads to dealerships. The execution would also have to be generic enough to work across very different markets. The insight was that as a two-seater, there would be an emotional connection with the passenger who could be invited on a web based ‘drive’ before a competition driving qualified customers to the dealership to drive the car for real.

Rendezvous is a unique promotion that enables visitors to take the car for a virtual ‘date’ drive and invite someone to virtually join. Visitors to the site create their customized Tigra TwinTop, input the name and email address of the person they wish to invite, then that person receives a personalised journey. The site generates emotional engagement by using a series of suggestive questions that gauge a couple’s compatibility.

The campaign achieved 10.3% conversion to qualified dealer leads.


Role and responsibilities: Group Creative Director

Zentropy Partners 2004

02 - Tigra Twin Top Project
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