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Using Regaine Foam, 9 out of 10 men suffering hereditary hairloss kept or re-grew their hair, provided they used it twice a day for 16 weeks. However if men used it sporadically or gave up half way through the 16 weeks, it could actually make things worse. Hence compliance is critcial to success.

The challenge was to find a way to coach compliance for a digitally savvy audience and to create a campaign that men suffering from hereditary hairloss would find both sympathetic and fun.

The idea was to use an animated drill instructor character to create an engaging launch experience and establish Regaine as part of their daily routine, through using email and a mobile application to send reminders to apply Regaine Foam regularly.

The CRM content served to men using Regaine adapted through the campaign to keep them motivated with tips and positive, anonymous comments from other men who had been through the process and were at different stages of the 16 week porgram.

The final live campaign execution was different to the initial 'Growth Coach' idea that was brought by the Johnson and Johnson Regaine client team, although the CRM mechanic was the same.

Role and responsibilities: Concept, Creative Direction.

Redbox Digital 2010

02 - Regaine Growth Coach
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