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02 - Nicorette Project

Consumers have double the likelihood of successfully quitting smoking using ActiveStop with Nicorette.

Johnson and Johnson wanted to deliver the smoking cessation market with a health care sector-leading solution for consumer support.


We built and ran the Nicorette® ActiveStop programme that delivers behavioural change support through an advanced technology platform including web, email, two-way SMS, interactive voice response and mobile app. ActiveStop has been launched in over 22 countries and in multiple languages with well over 100,000 participants in five years.


In 2011, the CRM extended naturally into social media . Nicorette Invisipatch is a discreet, easy-to-use, once-a-day solution to help smokers deal with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

If smokers can get through the first week they are nine times more likely to quit. Facebook proved to be the perfect platform on which to take the INVISIPATCH™ 1 Week Challenge, with a highly personalised campaign supported by friends and family of smokers, willing them on to succeed.


Role and responsibilities: Creative and Design Direction, Copywriting.

Redbox Digital 2010

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