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As part of a major HR corporate initiative to take a leadership position in the global recruitment industry, HAYS wanted to engage with graduates seeking a career.

The challenge was that graduates did not always view a career in recruitment as positively as other professions such as accounting or consultancy. HAYS wanted to show that a career in recruiting was not only strategic but could be rewarding, potentially offering international career progression.


The big idea was to create the world’s first game for testing the necessary skills and aptitude for a career in recruitment, whilst at the same time, challenging any negative perceptions graduates might have about a career in recruitment industry.

The game was so successful at engaging with students it was not only used online, but also at graduate career shows in the UK as well as internationally.


Role and responsibilities: Concept, Scriptwriting, Game Design, Design Direction

Redbox Digital 2011

02 - HAYS Careers Project
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