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02 - CanongateTV project

Canongate is one of the world’s leading independent publishers with a wide and eclectic mix, from Barak Obama, to The Mighty Boosh and Nick Cave. Like all book publishers, they face huge commercial and technology challenges brought about by the shift in technology book readers have been choosing to use.

They came to us asking for not only a new web site but for a fully integrated E-commerce platform, not just for selling books, but selling one off special editions and exclusive products associated with authors that would not be available on mainstream sites such as Amazon.

We created Canongate.TV a web site for the culturally curious that aggregates the very best on the web for all their titles and brings their audience to an a very different publisher experience, underpinned by a Magento E-commerce platform.

The site enables editors to aggregate content around the authors and their books.


Role and responsibilities: Information Architecture,  Copywriting, Creative and Design Direction.

Redbox Digital 2011

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