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Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business, built around two iconic British car brands. In 2014, Barclay’s sponsorship of the Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme ‘Boris Bikes’ was coming to an end.

Jaguar Land Rover wanted to establish their presence in the intelligent mobility space in a highly visible way and the Cycle Hire scheme offered a platform to give the JLR brand the opportunity to engage with every citizen who travels in London, every hour of every day. JLR’s vision was to create a new partnership with TFL, one as dynamic, innovative and ambitious as befits London as it positions itself as the global capital of cycling. Sponsorship of the Cycle Hire Scheme would provide JLR with a platform to launch their mobility solutions brand InMotion.

Following a successful pitch (images below) we were engaged in a consultancy project working for JLR to manage their bid to TFL and develop all the creative and digital collateral to bring their proposal to life.The winning idea for pitch was to re-launch ‘Boris Bikes’ as ‘London Bike ‘and put these iconic red bikes on the same level as Bus and Tube in the hearts and minds of Londoners. The partnership would enable JLR to prove their relevance as a transport provider beyond purely luxury and sports cars and give them a Globally visible platform for their brand.

The proposal and bidding process was successful in that JLR was deemed by TFL and London Mayor Boris Johnson to be the wining proposal, however, literally at the last minute, the JLR board decided not to commit to the sponsorship and Santander was selected as the eventual winner.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy and Conceptual Development.

GMR Marketing 2014

02 - JLR TFL Project Images
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