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Visa Europe’s goal is to be at the beating heart of payments for their issuers, merchants and customers they serve. To underline Visa Europe’s pivotal role in keeping markets moving, advancing and secure for everyone, sponsorships have long been a key part of their strategy and Visa Europe works with the two strongest global sponsorship platforms, The Olympic Games and The FIFA World Cup.


For the 2016 Rio Olympics Visa Europe required a sales platform that would be innovative, informative, digital, user friendly and easily customized to excite merchant bank partners in their regions.


The sales platform enables relationship managers in 7 regional clusters and 28 individual markets to sell in consumer packages to banks and key stakeholders, explaining all mandatory promotional rules, rights usage and approval processes.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concept, Information Architecture and Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2015

02 - VISA Europe Rio 2016 Toolkit
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