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Global Sponsorships have given SAP the perfect platform to tell stories and show key audiences how SAP technology equates to business success. With 45 different sports and entertainment properties across 63 markets and over 600 live events, SAP has the potential to reach the passion points of millions of fans worldwide. From F1, NBA, NFL, NHL to DFB, WTA, ESS, to inside arenas like the MSG, these partnerships have played a key part in building the SAP brand.


A dedicated team of specialists run the partnerships for SAP and require digital support and consultancy on a number of levels – from web site, apps, social content, to building bespoke digital platforms to demonstrate how SAP technology equates to business success.


For example in Cirque du Soleil the TORUK smartphone app uses SAP HANA, combined with geospatial technology to bring the audience into the production and provide a truly immersive experience. As the audience takes in the live production, SAP HANA technology works seamlessly behind the scenes to calculate and simulate data for the live performance.

Role and responsibilities: Digital Consultancy, Concepts; Strategy, and User Experience Design.

GMR Marketing 2013-2016

02 - SAP Digital Strategy Projects
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