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One of the key deliverables from the FIFA World Football Museum Digital strategy was to create a leading visitor app to help visitors find their way through the museum, provide audio guidance and rich augmented reality features.

The FIFA World Football Museum App is built using a customized CMS that is designed for mobile experiences within museum environments. Thirty five proximity beacons have been strategically placed within the museum to push content and notifications to visitors to make sure they make the most of their visit. With so much content behind the exhibits, it was important that the App could be used to enrich the visitor’s tour through World Cup history. To deliver the platform we engaged leading Dutch Museum App specialist Labwerk and leading UK AR / VR specialist Happy Finish whilst we managed the complete project and stakeholder management at FIFA.

The FIFA World Football Museum App also is about the joy and fun of football, so the App uses the latest in augmented reality to bring to life a number of key exhibits. Visitors can explore an AR version of the World Cup, next to the real Trophy in its protective case. They can also kick augmented balls from around the world and see the world’s best ball jugglers and professionals perform tricks. The App is a key pillar of the visitor experience and further releases are in development making it the leading museum mobile App platform in its category.

The FIFA World Football Museum App can be downloaded here.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Development, Concept, Personas and Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2016

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