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Athina Onassis, the grand daughter of Aristotle Onassis is famous not just for her family name but her passion for show jumping and all things equestrian. Since 2014, the Athina Onassis Horse Show in St Tropez, has delivered a highly prestigious and unique event on the equestrian calendar. In 2016 we were commissioned to develop a global strategy to develop both the horse show and her equestrian brand.


The project involved extensive research and the development of key personas to work out whom the Athina Onassis brand was relevant to and how it could be monetised in terms of partnerships and innovative products. The strategy was summarized in a 100-page strategy document, printed to a very high specification. The 2016 Athina Onassis Horse Show has been a tremendous success and we are working on the next stage of development for Athina Onassis and her Swiss based advisors.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy; Research; Personas; Concepts; Copy; Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2016

02 - Athina Onassis Project Images
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