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02b - Stanley Toolbelt Challenge

Stanley Black & Decker sponsor the MotoGP Yamaha Tech 3 team and are a significant presence at races on the MotoGP calendar. Stanley are part of MotoGP not only because they are fans of the racing, but because MotoGP presents the perfect environment to showcase Stanley, DeWalt and Facom products to their race fan audience.


Stanley wanted to celebrate the ability for fans to roll up their sleeves and participate within a relevant tool based activation idea. The goal was to create the most compelling activation spectacle at MotoGP and create stories and content that could later be shared and amplified through digital and social channels.


The Stanley Tool Belt Challenge is a ‘hero’ challenge concept taking the razzmatazz and theatre of boxing with a much coveted championship belt at stake. Top competitors from the task-activities would be given the opportunity to go head-to-head in order to compete for the belt on each race day. Timed head-to-head challenges are staged at the centre of the experiential space to create a central focal point, to drive attendance and excitement from the MotoGP crowd. The events would be filmed and streamed on to big screens at the front of the stage, as well as providing content for amplification through social media channels and programmatic advertising campaign, reaching a far wider Stanley audience.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Digital Creative Direction and Concepts.

GMR Marketing 2015

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