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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half.


This is a quote from US department store owner and innovator John Wanamaker in the 19th Century.


He is also attributed with saying: What gets measured, gets done


Whilst the concept of return on investment has been around since we entered the age of mass media and has evolved significantly with digital media allowing us unparalleled levels of measurement and optimization – be they impressions, click-throughs, page conversions – the reality is that the experiential sector has lagged behind in terms of measurement.


Momentum, one of the finest global agencies for creating immersive and transformative brand experiences, wanted to take a leadership position with measuring experiential campaigns and offer a complete real-world measurement service across their client portfolio of 12 major brands, including American Express, Merck, Premier League, Purina and SAP. Measurement is not just a way to prove or disprove work but is a necessity to understand audience motivations. Because of a lack of measures the agency could struggle to demonstrate to clients and prospects why they should do more experiential and lead with experience-based strategy.


The solution was to create a measurement tool and service that could suite small activations at conferences and be scaled to much larger events. After considerable market evaluation the underlying technology platform we selected was AdMobilize which can, in real-time, offer crowd analytics, track customer engagement combined with full demographic and emotional analysis. The technology uses camera beacons with Raspberry Pi computers with captured analytics fed to a cloud-based dashboard. The technology used is GDPR compliant. The service has been successfully rolled out and tested on a number of experiential campaigns from health conferences for Merck to a Premier League fan park, two-day experience in Bangalore, for 20,000 football fans. Momentum UK now have a category leading experience measurement capability.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Proposition, Product Development and Lead

Momentum Worldwide 2017

02 - Measurement Project
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