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Digital video marketing formats have failed to evolve. Advertising, and indeed many other industries, desperately needs a new, premium, interactive video format, that has been designed for the technology and devices we have in our hands today.


MorphCast is a new adaptive AI video format that engages audiences whilst protecting their privacy and was born out of years of R&D and investment in Italy. The technology was built upon a powerful insight, that the processing capabilities of mobile devices would increase rapidly, enabling us to create new types of personalised experiences, within the device’s browser and without the need for plug-ins, apps and ‘Big Data’.


MorphCast combines interactive video with emotional and demographic response to create a new type of adaptive video experience within the mobile device, powered by artificial intelligence and without the need for plug-ins, apps or the user’s personal data. It runs on nearly every smartphone, tablet or PC through a URL. MorphCast is a camera-based technology that fully protects your personal data. It has no need to record users and doesn’t send any personal data to the server, with zero risk of exposing the viewer’s private data.


We needed to take this technology and turn it into a proposition that was understandable to our core marketing customer base. MorphCast enables agencies to deliver highly engaging campaigns making advertising come alive by adapting to human emotions in real time. Brands can now change their marketing dynamically in response to different demographics and emotional reactions, building deeper connections with customers. It also opens up huge new creative possibilities for film and digital content creators, enabling them to make videos that behave differently based upon who is viewing and how they react.


The launch concept was to take a range of different MorphCast technologies and combine them into one powerful demonstration with 3 actors with different demographic profiles taking people through the types of things you can do with platform to inspire agencies and brands to be the first to pick up and run with this revolutionary new format.


Visit to experience MorphCast.

Role and responsibilities: Marketing strategy, campaign concept, product design and development


02 - SAP MorphCast Project
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