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The original Mini Website was famous, not just for being the home of a British design icon, but also as being one of the very first truly successful brand web sites in the UK.

The site was built on a fundamental brand truth, which was that people loved their Mini's so much, they would customize them and have fun with them. By the mid 90s, the design had been in production since 1959 when the distinctive two-door car designed for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis (seen in this famous sketch) hit the roads for the first time. A new Mini was being designed so it was imperative that the brand embraced the digital age and enabled fans to show their 'Mininess' - even if they drove a Ford!

Using an innovative Java App, the site enabled fans to create their own customized Mini, with often extreme and crazy designs - much like the car in real life. One of the first brand fan communities was established and the site developed many typical crazy features, like games to see how many people you could squeeze into a Mini, much like in real life. The site supported innovative partnerships, such as the launch of a classic Paul Smith designed Mini, complete with lime green glove box.

Role and responsibilities: Digital Design

APL Digital 1997

02 - Mini Project
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