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In 2006, Intel had just undergone a major rebrand, including new logo, and required a completely refreshed web presence. As Intel’s global digital agency of record we were tasked with a rebuild of

This complex global project was led with account management in New York, design, technology and project management in London with the clients based on the West Coast. It was rare for the redesign of a US technology brand to be built out of the UK.

Additionally, the new design had to support Intel’s new brand campaign. The creative idea behind the Intel ‘Multiply’ campaign was to take everything you love about technology and multiply it. This was analogous with the benefits of Intel’s Core 2 Duo multi-core processing technology.

To bring the campaign to life online, we filmed dance performers visually multiplying on screen and print.


The integration task was to provide a destination for the campaign enabling people to explore the benefits of Core 2 Duo technology in greater depth.


Role and responsibilities: Executive Creative Director

MRM Worldwide  2006

02 - Intel dot com project
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