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Intel is the archetypal ingredient brand. Its processors are a key component of another manufacturers product and the marketing challenge is to increase Intel’s appeal to both the end customer and to the manufacturer by promoting the quality and relevance of the processing components they contain. For manufacturers the Intel Inside program was already well established.


However, reaching the many different groups of consumers across Europe proved more challenging and could no longer be achieved with a one size fits all advertising campaign, as had been the


Over a five-year period we ran numerous online marketing campaigns targeting gamers, students, music lovers, IT Pros, CTOs, to women laptop buyers in France. A fifteen person strong team of copywriters, designers, motion designers, project managers delivered a wide array of innovative European campaigns under my direction for over five years generating consumer preference for Intel processors.


These are a few examples of the types of campaign and executions.


Role and responsibilities: Executive Creative Director

MRM Worldwide 2005-2009

02 - Intel online media projects
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