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Part of my European digital creative leadership role was to push innovative thinking and technology to McCann WorldGroup’s main clients.

One such meeting was with Nestlé’s global marketing leadership team and one of the brands we were tasked with evaluating was Nescafé and how we might build innovative technologies and thinking into telling the broader brand and product story to European consumers.

Like most other FMCG brands, Nescafé has built its brand through traditional advertising, with the proposition for Nescafé being ‘inspiring quality moments for coffee drinkers’.

One of the many concepts we developed for Nestlé was Nescafé Mi Mugg. Mi Mugg brought to life Nescafé’s brand proposition as a personalized coffee cup, albeit one with 100GB of storage for digital content, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, that could be totally customized to suite the owner’s picture via a personalised online store. In other words creating a product platform to tell a marketing story inspiring quality moments for coffee drinkers.


Role and responsibilities: Concept; Executive / European Digital Creative Director

MRM Worldwide 2009

02 - Nescafe Mi Mugg Project
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