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As an ingredient brand, Intel needs to create engaging and innovative digital platforms for its many different audiences.

Intel IT Manager Unseen Forces was a web-based information technology (IT) simulation game in which the player managed an IT department in a corporate environment. It was a strategy game about IT Management we created for IT Managers, a group notoriously difficult to reach by traditional media.

There were two aspects to the game. Firstly, the player had to ensure that employees' desktop PCs, laptops and servers kept running smoothly. There were dozens of software and hardware faults to tackle of varying complexity.

As the player's company grew, it placed increasing demands on IT departments, and the player had to ensure that the technologies were rolled out to take the strain. This gave the game a second strategic dimension.

The game spanned eight levels. Each represented a bigger office than the last, and the IT issues were more challenging. If the player could improve productivity whilst maintaining a good working environment, the company's share price would go up. When it hit its target value, the level would be complete.

In 2009, the game had over 100,000 IT Pros playing it for an average duration of 10 minutes. They appreciated the fact that Intel had built something unique and specifically for them and in turn, this enabled Intel to launch completely new technology products as levels within the game – including Intel Xeon Server processor in 2010. When lecturers teaching IT told us they were using the game to teach IT, we built a version especially for IT students.

In July 2012, the game was replaced by its successor, the multiplayer IT Manager: Duels.


There is a Wikipedia entry about the game:

Role and responsibilities: Executive Creative Director

Awards: New Media Age; BIMA

MRM Worldwide 2009

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