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The Benylin range of products provides relief from everyday cough and colds.

It is sometimes a challenge for healthcare brands to stay relevant in social media, unless they can form part of a relevant conversation.

The idea for Benylin was to enable cold and flu sufferers to update their cough and cold ‘status’ to friends and family on Facebook through a simple personalised newspaper ‘The Cold Front’.

The Cold Front enables cold sufferers to create a front page that is relevant to their cold symptoms and location in the UK. Their final newspaper appears in their news Facebook newsfeed so that friend s and family can relay their support.

There is also additional content in terms of tips and information to help sufferers feel better when ill. When they eventually feel they can send out the ‘The Recovery News’. The campaign was a Facebook first for Johnson and Johnson.


Role and responsibilities: Concept, Copywriting, Social Media and Creative Direction

Redbox Digital 2010

02 - Benylin Project
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