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In 2011 in the UK, Sky Sports had 5.5 million TV subscribers but over 17 million monthly unique visitors to Sky, through online and mobile platforms.

The Head of Sky Sports online, Piers Croton wanted to put forward a platform to the head of Sky Sports, Barney Francis to enable Sky Sports to engage its online audience which was considerably broader and more diverse than the TV subscription audience.

They wanted to both reward existing customers and entice non-Sky customers who were passionate about sport. We undertook a 3-month strategy project to research the audience, have client workshops and work in house with the Sky Sports team to envisage, scope and specify a future customer engagement platform.

The Sky Sports Club document went to the Sky board for consideration in July 2011.

Role and responsibilities: Research, Focus Groups, Strategy, Copywriting, Design Direction.

Redbox Digital 2011

02 - Sky Sports Club Project
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