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Quintessentially is a business like no other, a luxury lifestyle concierge service for the world’s high net worth individuals.

The existing website was failing to articulate and explain their service and gain significant numbers of online applications. After interviewing Quintessentially lifestyle managers across their key markets (London, New York, Dubai & Singapore), one of the key insights was that prospect customers simply did not have enough time to dwell on the website and often missed the benefits of Quintessentially membership that were of most relevance to them and their families.

The solution was to enable prospect customers, or their PAs, to quickly identify themselves and their lifestyle interests then immediately engage them with relevant content and information.

The concept was to build a simple visual profiling web site that asked prospect customers to identify themselves and then to click on images that met their lifestyle requirements and immediately serve up a personalized menu of services with the name of the prospect customer. The platform has been so successful in generating customer leads, it remains in use by Quintessentially over five years later.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy; User Experience; Design Direction; Account Management

Redbox Digital 2011

02 - Quintessentially Project
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