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02 - Contained But Social

Whilst at Born Group (formerly Group FMG) the CEO Dilip Keshu tasked us with creating a software as service (SaaS) platform that brands could deploy to help build and retain their audiences.

The concept was Contained but Social, a repeatable platform comprising of a set of components (built on the Adobe CQ stack) that can be tailored to a specific brand requirement, enabling the brand to build and maintain social relationships with its customers (fans), whilst fully integrated to existing platforms such as Facebook.

Key elements include:

1.   Content: Contained but Social is underpinned by a state of the art CMS and DAM

2.   Mobile: Contained but Social is location aware, linking by proximity and interest, to support the lifestyle of fans

3.   Measurement: Contained but Social captures and tracks information in real time helping brands read customer signals via a management dashboard

With Contained But Social, brand managers would be able to manage multi-channel campaigns and push conditional content across all relevant devices fans choose to interact with enabling brands to take greater control of their social presence. The platform was never built, although technically was scoped out with clickable wireframes for a successful proof of concept.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concept, User Experience and Information Architecture.

Born Group 2012

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