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Publishing is an industry undergoing disruption due to smartphones and tablet PCs, offering both new opportunities in terms of E-commerce integration into retailer systems, and huge cost savings in terms of conventional print production.

At Born Group (formerly Group FMG) we specialized in taking our existing print based business and offering our clients the advantages of fully digital platforms to generate new revenue and cut costs.

‘ICECAPP’ stands for Interactive, Commerce-Enabled Catalogue App and is an E-commerce tablet app for retailers whose catalogues are recreated specifically for fully integrated e-commerce enablement on touch screen mobile devices, both in store and at home.  ICECAPP is a unique solution, packaged specifically for retailers with E-commerce and print catalogues who face these challenges:

•       Reduce or eliminate constantly rising costs associated with print catalogues and brochures.

•       Retain the inspiration to buy.

•       Facilitate and measure sales.

•       Embrace mobile technology cost-effectively.

•       Remain competitive in an increasingly ubiquitous E-commerce World.

Seamless integration with the retailers E-commerce systems means shoppers can browse products, initiate display of product details, add to basket and checkout, without the need for expensive, bespoke development. ICECAPP both reduces print costs and generates sales and the platform was sold to a number of leading UK retailers.

The monetization model was not software as a service (SaaS) as there was no licensing fee, however we would generate revenue from technical consultancy, build, project management, design, UX and content management.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy; Information Architecture; Design Direction; Copywriting


02 - ICECAPP Project
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