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Following incredible success in the US, Greek yoghurt brand Chobani launched their range of strained yoghurts in the UK, a far more complex and competitive landscape for yoghurt than in the US.

Chobani wanted to compete against the established UK yoghurt brands and gain listings in the main UK supermarkets.

The challenge was that there would not be a conventional brand launch campaign so the opportunity to drive trial was to be led by a combination of Summer events, shopper marketing, digital and social media, where the brand had proved to be especially strong in the USA. The social campaign was measured using social media measurement platform, Crimson Hexagon. The primary social platforms used in the campaign were Instagram and Facebook.

The launch campaign featured a three phase sampling campaign that would give over 1m UK consumers the chance to try their “First Taste” of Chobani and share these first taste experiences through the consumer’s social media channels.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concepts, Social Media and Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2013

02 - Chobani Project Image
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