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In 2013, BlackBerry launched a new range of smartphone products into a highly competitive handset market and challenging retail environment.

When customers actually tried the new BlackBerry handsets they generally really like them, hence the focus upon experiential trial over and above traditional advertising where BlackBerry was struggling to make an impression.

To support these campaigns we built a field reporting platform for BlackBerry that enables brand ambassadors and influencers to report their field activity so BlackBerry can understand the return on investment for their activation activity.


Additionally the GRM field marketing team were able to upload images and add in sales information to give BlackBerry marketing a complete picture on weekly marketing activity across the UK. The BlackBerry marketing team were able to book the mobile resource assets and experiential team through the BlackBerry field marketing tool.

All the functional requirements, UX and design were carried out in house, whilst the build was out sourced.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, UX and Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2013-14

02 - BB Reporting Tool Project
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