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Canon’s partnership with London Fashion week provided Canon with the ideal platform to showcase Canon’s imaging products from input (cameras) through to output (printing and projection).


To drive awareness of Canon’s involvement with London Fashion Week and Weekend we developed innovative consumer engagement activations, such as Canon 360 Studio, designed to both build audiences at London Fashion Week but also amplification of the partnership with Canon, across visitor’s social channels. The goals were to increase followers of Canon social media accounts, encourage use of #CanonFashion and build conversations around Canon and fashion.


Consumers were invited to strike a pose within the studio. Poses were captured and turned in to a 360 degree film to share on social channels. Fashion designers Henry Holland and Phoebe English provided bespoke prints to support the activation. Each day the studio had over 5,000 visitors with 2k+ 360 videos created and shared.


All activity was monitored and tracked using leading social media analytics software, Crimson Hexagon.

Role and responsibilities: Social media strategy and social monitoring.

GMR Marketing 2013-2015

02 Canon LFW Project
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