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02 - SAP Sponsor Tools Project

SAP activate over 600 programs a year through 42 different rights and across 63 markets. Conventional operations software and collaboration tools were becoming stretched and after extensive evaluation we found there was no software as a solution (SaaS) solution that could deliver upon SAP’s requirements. Hence we needed to build a bespoke SAP sponsorships platform to support the leadership team, local markets and external agency partners with sponsorship activation and communications planning.


SAP Sponsor Tools is a bespoke SAP platform that gives us a complete overview of the SAP sponsorship global portfolio. We developed the concept, user case scenarios and built a wireframe prototype with over 200 screens to enable an offshore SAP development team to build the platform to our specification


SAP Sponsor Tools enables us to activate events, deliver accurate messaging, deploy technology showcases, run guest management, search and find SAP events anywhere and at anytime in the World through a searchable map. It streamlines, centralizes and enhances day-to-day sponsorship team operations whilst providing global and regional views of SAP sponsorships activity.


The project was not only innovative, but highly profitable providing my small digital team with at 200%+ margin on development.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concept, Information Architecture and Design Direction

GMR Marketing 2014-2016

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