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Infosys became the Global Technology Services Partner and Platinum Sponsor of the ATP World Tour to leverage their latest technological advances in mobility, cloud and analytics to transform the experience of tennis fans and players the world over.


The big challenge was that they had just two months to start telling that story at the season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, without having any technology platform in place to deliver against their partnership objectives.


To complicate matters further we had to activate both a customer and fan zone experientially but with a big digital concept and activation at the heart of each experience.


The solution for the customer zone was to partner with Hawk-Eye and build a data visualization platform with which Infosys technology back end could crunch data and provide insights. The data Hawk-Eye collects is very powerful, as it collects the location of the ball and player, the spin of the ball, speed and flight of the ball (just to name a few). The platform was labelled as an Infosys ‘player’ app available on large screens in customer hospitality suite, on fully integrated into the ATP website and social feeds with analysis for both the ATP and Infosys


For the fan zone we developed a simple but highly engaging tablet game that worked by answering data insights related questions that are ‘served’ up by opponent on the other side of the court.  

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concept, Game Design, Information Architecture and Design Direction.

GMR Marketing 2015

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