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FIFA’s issues are well documented. FIFA knew that they needed a strategy to start to foster transparent and open relationships with football fans in order to improve their tarnished brand image and strengthen their credibility amongst sponsorship partners.


GMR were asked to propose a strategy for FIFA. At the heart of our approach was to employ, working with our partner agency C-Space, a co-creation approach. Co-creation is the bringing together of multiple stakeholders (internal and external) to solve a common challenge. The idea is to put fans at the heart of the business. By involving fans throughout the project we aimed to truly understand who they are, what they want from FIFA and ensure the tactical ideas which we develop are relevant, engaging and have a lasting impact. The co-creation community allows ideas to be iterative and continually developed and validated with consumers.


FIFA also asked for sample concepts, one of which was called FIFA World Cup Boulevard, a travelling road show that would go to markets with highly negative perceptions about FIFA and re-engage fans around a positive World Cup football conversation using assets from the FIFA World Football Museum.


FIFA also asked for a fan engagement dashboard solution, hence we partnered with our client SAP to specify a platform based upon SAP’s world class CRM technology stack.


The presentation was a ‘winning’ proposal - however, due to subsequent events at FIFA the project was put on hold.

Role and responsibilities: Strategy, concepts and creative direction.

GMR Marketing 2015

02 - FIFA Fan Engagement Project
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