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02 - Maratrhon Bet Odds Gods Project

The betting landscape in the UK is highly competitive, cluttered and makes for a challenging environment for new entrants into the market place.


Marathon Bet had established a foothold in the UK with expert bettors as opposed to the casual bettor. This is because, once you take away the introductory offers and advertising, Marathon Bet actually offers bettors consistently better odds. They wanted to take their brand proposition to a wider betting audience and asked us to come up with a cost effective integrated campaign that could be leveraged across their channels and partnerships, including shirt sponsorship with Fulham FC.


Firstly, we developed a proposition for Marathon Bet, of strong odds, smarter bets. To communicate “smarter betting” to consumers, we created three characters called The Odds Gods. They are three guys who are set apart from mere betting mortals by knowing that smarter betting means always getting the best odds. They each have their own distinct personalities.


We proposed featuring these characters in our communications across all media channels, using them to engage our audience, and educate them about the benefits of smarter betting. The campaign would be a classic influencer campaign, taking advantage of all the social and mobile channels open to us.


The Odds Gods were not used in the live campaign.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Integrated Creative Direction and Concepts.

GMR Marketing 2014

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