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Hyundai’s goal is to sell cars and become a global automotive brand that is known and loved by consumers everywhere. Hyundai wanted to build their brand by the power of experience and asked us to pitch to them global activation strategy centered around a big event that brings to life Hyundai’s “premium for all” positioning.


Our job was to take their existing brand framework and help make it work harder across their 13 priority markets. We started our strategy by investigating the emotional and rational reasons people buy car marques.  We looked at Europe where Hyundai car sales have seen impressive growth – over 400,000 cars in 2013. We started by understanding the emotional affinity customers currently have with the Hyundai brand and used new car buyer data that captured the emotional verse the rational reasons why buyers actually brought their brand of car.
















On the left of this chart we have rational criteria and on the right we have emotional criteria. On the one hand a luxury car brand like Jaguar is a highly emotional purchase – their global brand tag line is ‘how alive are you’. On the other Dacia a new Romanian brand their tagline is ‘you do the maths’. The best place for a mass market brand appears be is close to the vertical access (e.g. VW ,Ford). Hyundai needed the emotional pull of a luxury brand to increase sales.


We then created a mood video that shows how we have arrived at our concept, 'One Brilliant Day'. One Brilliant Day, is a festival and 360 integrated campaign that recognises the fun and adventure, when you journeyed out as a family to find new places and new experiences. It is a global activation platform for Hyundai that can be scaled to fit every market. It shows how cars play an important part of our lives, taking us on journeys, opening up new possibilities and creating experiences that live with us – it shows how Hyundai is creating new experiences today.


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concepts, Interactive Design and Development

GMR Marketing 2014

02 - Hyundia Global RFP Project
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