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SAP have the world’s largest and most diverse partnership portfolio – from NBA, NFL, Extreme Sailing to music and the arts, which is all used to show how SAP technology is powering the world and making it a better place. The biggest brand challenge for SAP is that there are everywhere – but that they are hidden from view. When B2B brands step into a world dominated by consumer brands and they have to think, feel and act differently. We were asked to provide an innovative technology platform to support the following challenge:


  1. We want to do something fundamentally different to what you thought SAP would do

  2. We want a scalable multidimensional and multi-experiential model

  3. We want our guests to experience SAP in a completely new way


Our solution was SAP Vision:


Where a spectator sees a winning serve or a sailing victory, we see a performance driven by technology and data. We call it SAP Vision, and we’re taking fans into a Mixed Reality world to make the invisible, visible. With interactive holograms and all our existing sponsorship video content, they can discover how SAP are helping to power performance and enhance experience in sport and entertainment or even on a visit to a factory production line.


Using Mixed Reaity headset Hololens for live events, but also being accessible to fans on their smartphones, SAP Vision uses the metaphor of a mixed reality world to enable people to see behind the scenes and connect SAP’s technology story with their partnership portfolio.


SAP Vision – with SAP Vision you can experience a better run world


Role and responsibilities: Strategy, Concept & Prototype Development and Presentation Lead

Momentum Worldwide  2018

02 - SAP Exi Project
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